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 Innerkip Quarry

Canada, Ontario

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Datum: WGS84 [ Help ]
Precision: Approximate

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Latitude: 43° 12.052' N
Longitude: 80° 41.796' W

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How? From shore

Distance Instant access

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 Dive site Characteristics

Alternative name Trout Lake

Average depth  m / ft

Max depth  m / ft

Current None

Visibility Low ( < 5 m)


Dive site quality Standard

Experience All divers

Bio interest Poor

More details

Week crowd 

Week-end crowd 

Dive type

- Fresh water
- Wreck
- Ice

Dive site activities

- First dive
- Dive training
- Photography


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By ScubaJT , 31-01-2014

Innerkip Review - Costs a few bucks to get in. Very busy swimming hole, lots of people. Has diving boards, snack stand, trailers.

Lake has lots of stuff like airplanes, cars, school bus but you must come before or after the algae bloom. Best times are May & September. In between vis will be 5-10 feet max.

Lots of fish, a lot and very friendly and curious.

There is a mine shaft here, it is huge but dark. Never went down it, don't have the proper gear. Swam over it many times, very eerie. People have died here and multiple reports of it can be found at the Scuba supply shack here in a binder. Also they do air fills if you can find the guy.

They have ice diving in the winter. Great place to visit early/late season.

By Anonymous , 08-06-2010

Expected More - I dove the Innerkip Quarry when I first recieved my open water license. I came with high expectaions to see sunken airplanes and other items. I was dissapointed to find 1.5 meter visability. Even with the $6.00 map, I could only find things by happening to bump into them.

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