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 Saudi Arabia

Middle East

Location: Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, north of Yemen
Geographic coordinates: 25° 0' N, 45° 0' E
Coastline km: 2,640 km km
Climate: harsh, dry desert with great temperature extremes
Terrain: mostly uninhabited, sandy desert
Elevation: lowest point: Persian Gulf 0 m highest point: Jabal Sawda' 3,133 m
Natural hazards: frequent sand and dust storms
Currency: Saudi riyal (SAR)
Population: 27,019,731 (July 2006 est.)
Languages: Arabic
Capital: Riyadh
Divisions: 13 provinces: Al Bahah, Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah, Al Jawf, Al Madinah, Al Qasim, Ar Riyad, Ash Sharqiyah (Eastern Province), 'Asir, Ha'il, Jizan, Makkah, Najran, Tabuk

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Zones (4) Dive sites Sub zones
Al Madinah 4 0
Eastern Province 7 0
Jizan 5 0
Makkah 16 0

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Dive sites

Dive sites (1)
Quality Avg depth Max depth Experience Dive type
Georges wreck 3 / -
19.8 m 21.3 m All divers


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Jana 2 Wreck
Saudi Arabia

Jana 2 Wreck
Saudi Arabia

Jana 2 Wreck
Saudi Arabia

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Jana Island - Raheeb
By jz1
Jun 17, 2010
Jana Island - Raheeb - Captainr Abu ghazi on the JANA island as Captain coordinate cruises to islands nearby from the shores of Jubail Industrial City. Such as (Grid - Jana - Crane - Craine) And duration of the cruise are from 6 am to 6 pm and includes snacks and cold drin

Turc Wreck
By majed_3
Mar 19, 2010
Boat trip -

Al Bedayah
By Muhammad.Issa
Mar 11, 2010

Al Bedayah
By majed_3
Feb 18, 2010
Night Dive -

Al Bedayah
By majed_3
Jan 24, 2010

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