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Trip: Hamersley & Mettam's Pool

Written by Gemfyre show Gemfyre profile

Wednesday February 29 2012 02:27:20 AM

Date: from Feb 19, 2012 to Feb 19, 2012

Dive trip description:

Headed out in the morning with Marie and Craig to Hamerlsey Pool for my first proper snorkel.  I borrowed one of Marie's masks as mine always wants to fog up.  Also learned that my fins are technically a bit too small, got mild pins and needles after removing them.

 We swam out past the shallow reef into a deeper section where there were plenty of interesting dropaways, sandy patches and even the odd cave.  An amazing amount of baby fish around at the moment, most notably Woodward's Pomfret.  Also saw Red-lipped Morwong, Silver Drummer, some kind of tiny goby or blenny that disappeared before I got a chance to look it it closely.  Marie and I also spotted a Gold-spotted Sweetlips, which according to the book isn't very common this far south.  Upon returning to the swimming area we were visted by the resident Eagle Ray which Marie has dubbed "Pale Ale".  This ray is quite used to people and comes quite near.  I didn't realise the Eagle Rays were so large!  And apparently Pale Ale is a small specimen.  As we were leaving we could see 4 rays meandering about in a large sandy patch to the southern side of the rocky headland.

 Marie had an appointment so had to return home, but Craig and I were still keen.  We grabbed some sushi for lunch, dropped in at the Scarborough Dive Shop so Craig could buy himself a weight belt and some weights then decided to investigate Mettam's Pool - a much better known area not far to the south of Hamersley Pool.  Craig offered to let me try out his fins, which are scuba style open-ankled fins.  We seem to have the same foot size - his boots and fins fit me fine and he even managed to get my full-foot fins on.

Being later in the day it was starting to get choppy so Craig led me out through the breakers to a calmer area.  THAT felt like a workout, I was a bit puffed out by the time we got to a nicer area of water, but quickly regained my breath as we swam about over the reef out here.  More weed in this area but the fish were just as amazing.  A large shoal of fish spent quite some time grazing beneath us and we were content to look on.  Despite the hard work getting out, coming back in was no effort at all, I didn't even realise we were getting close to shore until I noticed that the sandy patch we were over was actually the beach.

 Mettam's is a wheelchair accessible beach - with a concrete ramp leading all the way into the water.  This ramp was great, it allowed us to remove all our gear while in the water, and place it on concrete instead of sand, so it stayed clean until we could bring our bags down and pack up.  Still trying to master not getting sand EVERYWHERE on a regular beach, it eventually gets into everything at home - sand in the shower recess, sand through my washing because there is some stuck to my gear that didn't rinse off with the hose, sand in the carry bags, sand in the car...

 Came home feeling very happy and relaxed and proceeded to nap for about 2 hours and dream of my next trip.

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